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Hello, I am Monika, and welcome to Juellie Accessories! We make home accessories that are made in the UK and source unique pieces outside the country to present limited collections. Thank you so much for visiting my store, it means the world to me!

 I decided to start up my own little business when I (un) luckily came upon a lot of free time during the life-changing lockdown period of 2020.  Design and interiors have always been my passion, and luckily, I was able to carve out a career within the textile industry.  I spent 8 years working for a luxury cloth merchant in the Scottish borders.  Focussing mainly on natural cloth and luxury fabrics, such as the highly sought after velvet. My exciting career allowed me to travel all across Europe! Where I was able to build my knowledge and meet inspiring people. It was then that I decided to try and forge a pathway to a business creating unique home accessories.

I have been fortunate enough over my career to be able to gain enough experience and expertise and channel my passion and talents into interior design and soft furnishings. After working with luxury fabrics for so long, I developed a soft spot (excuse the pun) for velvets and cushions! After many years of dressing windows and making soft accessories for myself, friends and family, I decided to finally launch Juellie Accessories.

The Concept

I named my business Juellie Accessories after my fantastic and intelligent eldest niece Julia, and my adorable rescue dog Ellie. Julie + Ellie = Juellie, because I am also a full-time cleaner, chef, chauffeur, therapist and nurse. Or in other words (a crazy mum that does not have enough hours in the day).

Juellie Accessories truly is a family-run UK business. We offer ready-made or made to order soft furnishings, bedspreads, accessories, and curtains which are hand made to your unique measurements.  By shopping with us, you are helping to support one of the UK’s small and independent businesses.

Visit out social media for some home decoration ideas:  Instagram @JuellieAccessoriesHome, Facebook @Juellie Accessories, Pinterest @JuellieAccessories.