GREEN BEDROOM: How and why to add green to your bedroom

by Dominique from

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For many people the colour green is so associated with nature that it makes them think of lush
green grass, trees and forests. This is why we associate the colour with refreshing and tranquil
feelings. Green is also the colour most associated with health. Having a green bedroom then
lends itself to a more relaxing and natural night’s sleep.

As green is a cool colour, because of its shorter wavelength, our eyes do not need to adjust to see
it – helping with that relaxing feeling. Green bedrooms can help you rest before sleep – think of
cosy reading nook or sitting up in bed with a cup of cocoa.

Green is also associated with money, good luck, health, envy and eco friendliness. It is thought to
relieve stress – indeed the calming shades of foliage in a new environment help us to be at ease –
hence it’s common use in hospitality (restaurants and hotels). Adding touches to create a green
bedroom can therefore make you feel more centred and connected to the world around you.

To encourage a sense of restful, calm in your bedroom introduce the colour green using soft
furnishings and accessories
. You could paint an accent wall or furniture in varying shades of green
to add that natural feel. Painting the entire bedroom green can also soften the space and add a
touch of calm.

Personally I love green and often use it in my interiors as it helps us to connect to the outdoors. I
use plants and greens of different shades to create a natural, restful feel. This green bedroom is
an example of a green retro bedroom with a bit of fun and invigorating life in it , while this
woodland nursery feels calm and cosy.

Sheer eyelet curtains with green leaves

The colour green surrounds us as humans on planet Earth so it is no wonder that it can act as
such a friendly background colour just as well as an accent colour within our homes. I would
encourage you all to add accessories to create your very own green bedroom haven.

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