How to measure curtains uk

No matter if you’re looking at our range of curtains or looking at our made-to-measure sets we want to help you get the correct measurements for the right places.
At Juellie Accessories, we are always happy to help and guide you through this process.
If you live in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas we can come out and do the measuring for
However, if you would rather get the measurements yourself here’s everything you need to


To get the most accurate measurements, you should use a metal measuring tape.
You will be able to get one at any hardware shop.

Measure the width

Getting the width of your curtains can be a little tricky but that’s exactly why we are writing this
for you.
Getting these measurements is a little difficult because of the varied types of windows and
You should measure the length of our pole, not your window, and ignore any finishes or fixtures
on the end.
If your curtains are pencil pleat, tab top, or eyelet, take your measurement and double it.
If you want to make sure your curtains overlap perfectly when they are closed add an extra
couple of cm to your final measurement.
Keep in mind that we offer a range of top tapes.

Measure the drop

When it comes to the drop of your curtains you have options and you can pick what will go with
your space the best.
Your curtains can sit above the floor, touching the floor, or floating on the floor.
If you’d like your curtains to sit above the floor you should measure 1cm above the windowsill.
For floating above the floor you should measure 15cm under the windowsill.
Lastly, if you would like your curtains to touch the floor we recommend you measure from 1cm
above the floor.
We hope that this guide will make this process a little easier, but if you are having any problems
please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will help you as much as we can.

We are always on the hunt of new designs for you and add new ranges regularly. We love receiving enquires form you and are happy if we can help you to make your home more cosy. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and email us!


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