How to sleep better during spring and summer

How to sleep better during spring and summer

How to sleep better during spring and summer?

Struggling to fall asleep now that the days are getting longer or maybe you’re missing those
dark cozy evenings?
This is a really common problem for people all over the country, so here are some ideas to help
fight that.

How to sleep better during spring and summer

Sleep masks

Why not try out a sleep mask?
You can get them in various designs and fabrics so you can find one that suits your needs
However, some people find these annoying and they have a tendency to fall off while you sleep.
This is totally a personal preference product so each to their own

Perfect fit blinds

Another option you have is getting blinds measured to fit your windows exactly.
This should keep most of the light out of your room.
They will not keep all of the light out of your room but they should make a significant difference
which may help you get some rest in the coming months.

Blackout Curtains

You can also invest in some curtains.
We have a stunning range of made-to-measure curtains that come in a variety of patterns,
colours and textures to fit any aesthetic.
They can also be made with a blackout lining which keeps your room dark all the time.
You also have the option to include a box pelmet, which will limit the light getting into your room
This will also help with heating costs and with the current rise in energy costs who doesn’t want
to save some money?
During the summer the extra layer will prevent heat from outside from making its way into your
home, but it also stops heat from escaping during those chilly months.

Struggling with sleep is an issue for a lot of people and we hope that something mentioned above will be a solution that works for you. If you are interested in our range of made-to-measure curtains or
any other luxury products please feel free to reach out to us through our social media platforms or
send us an email:

Why Juellie Accessories?

At Juellie Accessories we do our best to listen to our clientele and their needs.

We are a small, family run, local business and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We work with the best fabric manufacturers that offer unique fabrics and great quality.

We help private and commercial properties to find quirky textiles which we can turn into unrepeated accessories that cannot be found at their competitor’s spaces.


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