Cushion Covers

If your partner is not complaining about the number of cushions you have on the bed, then it means that you don’t have enough cushions!

Cushions Covers are one of the easiest and playful ways to accessorise your home. They help to add comfort and luxe to a room, as well as offer pops of colour and seasonal accents. You can completely change the atmosphere and ora of a room just by making a few minor tweaks and changes with your soft furnishings. Your space can transform into a cosy den ready for the autumn and winter season by choosing a few luxurious velvet pieces from our fabulous collection.

Made For You

At Juellie Accessories like many of our other soft furnishings, our decorative cushions and pillows are sold ready-made or made to order. Which means we can help you custom design your space and customise every little nook and cranny. Our vast collection of silk, satin and velvet cushions are what makes Juellie Accessories unique. We have a huge selection of luxurious soft-touch fabrics for you to choose from, and you can even match your curtains with your cushion covers! Our best selling velvet range includes both the fabulously glamourous crushed velvet and the more subtle but equally luxurious panne velvet.

Switch it Up

Cushions and pillows are also a great way to create a festive ambience within your room. That’s why we even house an adorable collection of Christmas pillows with delightful 3D designs and festive patterns. We have a ‘soft spot’ (excuse the pun) for decorative cushion and pillow covers because we love the versatility of them! It is so easy to change the vibe of a bedroom, lounge or corner space by swapping out your festive Christmas pillows, for something satin and floral and suddenly it feels like spring is in the air!