Ready made curtains

Curtains should offer more to your home than just functional privacy. Above all, curtains are a way of dressing your window space to create a personalised ambience inside your home.

They area luxury soft furnishing which can completely change the ora and design of a room. Juellie
Accessories can provide you with ready-made or bespoke made curtains to help accessorise
your home and window space. Whether it is a cosy window seat where you can curl up with
a book. Or an extravagant bay window which is boasting luxury. With a little unique
attention to detail, each and every corner of your home will make an impact.

Our Fabrics, Designs & Processes

We make all of our luxurious curtains by hand within the United Kingdom, so by purchasing
from us, you will therefore be supporting a small family run business. Our curtains come in ready-made
sizes and can also be made bespoke to fit your unique window space inside your home. We
have luxurious fabrics, in various densities, patterns and colours; such as blackout,
sheer, and embroidered curtains.

Our quality fabrics include both crushed velvet, and panne velvet which is highly sought-
after. Our curtain servicing also provides different fixing options which cater to the style,
taste and era of the window space which you are dressing. Our curtain fixings include
eyelet, pencil pleat, 9tape 5cm or 8cm. We understand that the smaller details such as the
fixing can affect the impact curtains can have within a room, and to a window.

Velvet curtains are a great way to add soft luxury to a room. Often crushed velvet curtains
create a glamorous statement around any window. Matte velvet curtains exhibit a more
understated luxe effect. Choose from our stunning selection of patterned and embroidered
designs, from animal print, floral or abstract. Textures, densities and colours likewise are all certainly
contributing elements of dressing a window, which is why most importantly we have a stunning selection of
colours to choose from in all of our curtain fabrics. From cosy neutrals which can firstly help to
lighten the atmosphere of a room because the paler colours work well with the natural lighting. Or secondly, bold and dramatic
colours which make an elaborate statement when you walk into a room.