Why are bedspreads so expensive?

Why are bedspreads so expensive?

Did you know that the very first bedspreads were probably just to keep the bedroom tidy and made from fur and have an ancient history? As the times changed, people used different materials and finishes to make bed covers not only beautiful but also functional, as they can keep us warm too. 

What are the bedspreads made of?

The cost of bedspreads depends on the size and the fabric used. Not only the composition (wool, cotton, polyester) but also thickness, textures, size and finish have an effect on the price.

I believe that the UK used to  lack a good range of splendour bed covers in a range of colours. It was very frustrating for me when I moved the house a few years ago and could not find the right size or colour of the bedding. Also, recently, when I was redecorating the master bedroom, I found that a lot of online shops struggled to get the stock, due to eg. Brexit.  That is when we decided at our small, family run company, to bring some colourful, soft bed covers to you! 

How we can help you?

At Juellie Accessories we offer only luxury, top quality bedspreads that come usually in three sizes 170x210cm, 220x240cm and 230x260cm which would be suitable for single, double, king size and super king size beds, depending on the thickness of your mattress and how much bed cover do you want to hang on the sides. Our favourite fabric is man made velvet that is soft in touch and looks stunning on a bed. 

What’s new?

Recently we introduced extra large velvet bedspreads in 260x280cm size that fit a Super King size bed and are available in four colours: white, black, turquoise, beige

We are always on the hunt of new designs for you and add new ranges regularly. We love receiving enquires form you and are happy if we can help you to make your home more cosy. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and email us! 


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